We are a moustache-based secret society (duh!), aiming to take over the world by making awesome video games and software!

We devise our schemes in our headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria.

We try to keep it hush-hush, but you can get in touch with us through the channels below:
Send us an email YouTube @MoustacheCabal @MoustacheCabal @MoustacheCabal
Our Games
Billiards of the Round Table
Magnets, spinning tables, pistons and much more awaits in this most unique billiards experience.
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Billiards of the Round Table takes you on a journey to experience billiards like you have never seen before! We have magnets, we have pistons, we have beautiful round spinning tables and many more cool, wacky and original things for you to enjoy!

Join us and experience three unique game modes that will redefine your idea of what billiards could be. The most original and fun iteration of pool awaits you!

  • Ever wondered what a billiards arcade machine would look like? Try the Arcade mode to find out! Test your shooting skills and positional awareness in a race against time.

  • You are already an expert at shooting pool and need a new challenge? How about a game where the pockets are spinning around the table? And they rotate faster the more balls you sink? Go ahead and give Spin mode a try!

  • Have you ever seen a puzzle game that uses the mechanics of billiards? Well, check out Magnet mode! Both newbies and veterans will have a great time as they rack their brains to figure out the unique challenges of physics, magnetic fields and trajectories.

  • Shoot with style with a special cue ball! Complete tasks to unlock stunning cue balls such as the trail-blazing Chaiten, the coveted Ringmaster, the electrifying Magnetifico and many more!
Terminal Singularity
The race towards salvation is on - claim the power of the grid to escape the singularity.
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Terminal Singularity is a casual turn-based strategy game that pits two players against each other in a battle to escape impending doom, brought forth by an approaching black hole. The game is played on a network of energy orbs called 'The Grid', which ultimately holds the key to your survival. Conquer the grid and use its power to bend space-time and escape through a wormhole!

Jump into this deceptively simple game that offers a plethora of strategies and tactics to explore. Immerse yourself in Terminal Singularity's dazzling atmosphere, featuring sharp visuals and a moving audio experience. Feel the thrill of besting your opponent as you race to put your last unit through the wormhole before darkness envelops everything around you!

  • Control three units with special skills and roles
  • Explore 16 special abilities that will put a unique spin on your gameplay
  • Play against the computer, a friend, or a random Steam user
  • Take it to whole new level by playing on a three-dimensional grid
  • Challenge your friends or the computer to a match on a custom-sized grid
  • Learn the basics from the in-game Tutorial and practice your strategies in Sandbox mode
  • Experience captivating visuals courtesy of procedurally-generated graphics and a minimalistic UI
  • Enjoy an enchanting audio journey, featuring striking sound effects and memorable music tracks
  • Design truly unique and personal looks for your units with the Unit Customization DLC

If you like our game and would like to support us, please consider buying the Unit Customization DLC from the link below.
Unit Customization DLC
Add custom textures, colors and animation effects to your units in Terminal Singularity.
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